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Sample Budget Impact Handout

Bill Hagerman, superintendent of Nickerson School District (USD 309), provided this sample of a handout he's provided to parents and stakeholders to illustrate the impact of budget cuts on their district.

Legislative Post Audit Report Recommends Consolidation

This month, a Kansas Legislative Post Audit recommended two different consolidation plans.  The report is titled "K-12 Education: Reviewing the Potential for Cost Savings From Reorganization of Kansas School Districts".

View the State's Consolidation Report Connects Students with Online Classes Statewide, a joint project of kansas' educational service agencies, is part of a larger initiative lead by the Coalition for Career and Technical Courses, and is designed to provide a one-stop shopping experience for Kansans to select online courses in career areas that they might be interested in exploring.

Financial Realities of a 4-Day School Week for one small Kansas District.

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A modified 4-Day School Week was implemented in the fall of 2009 by Haviland, USD 474. Clint Corby, Superintendent of Schools at Haviland discusses their actual savings compared to the projected savings.

Kansas Tax Facts (file)

This PDF was mentioned in an ESSDACK superintendents council meeting on February 23, 2010. It was provided by James Kenworthy at USD350.

A Big Week for CitC -- our FIRST Week

Crisis in the Classroom has been up for all of Two Days, but we're already getting a lot of new content in, and we have some big events going on later this week -- including a panel discussion on the four-day school week this friday at the ESSDACK offices. Check back friday morning, we'll broadcast a video feed of the discussion.

We're growing fast, so make sure you check back early and often!

Mike Carson interview from USA 2010

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Mike Carson interview from USA 2010

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