Four-Day Week

Panel Discussion: Four Day School Week

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Superintendents will convene at ESSDACK in the mall in Hutchinson next Friday, February 26 from 9:30-11:30 discuss the 4-Day School Week as a potential solution to the financial challenges faced in schools today. The conversation will include a panel of superintendents who will share their personal insights and experiences with this schedule.

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Dale Dennis Speaks Out against a Four-Day School Week

In the video clip below, captured during an IDL session with in January 2009 with the Southwest Plains Regional Service Center (an address to the Council of Superintendents), Dale Dennis, Kansas Assistant Commissioner of Education, explains why he does not recommend schools establish a four-day school week as a response to budget cuts.

Summary of Findings from KS Schools on a 4-Day School Week

The attached document provides summarized responses from Kansas Schools operating on a 4-Day School Week. It includes information about how they responded to challenges, how parents addressed day care issues as well as academic achievement information.

4-Day School Weeks Gaining Popularity Across the Country

This article from the Hutchinson News (via the AP) reports that more than 120 districts across the country will operate with a 4-day school week this coming year.

NPR Coverage of the Four-Day School Week

NPR radio also covered the four day school week.

Fox News story on Four Day School Week

Fox news coverage of the four-day school week.

Financial Realities of a 4-Day School Week for one small Kansas District.

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A modified 4-Day School Week was implemented in the fall of 2009 by Haviland, USD 474. Clint Corby, Superintendent of Schools at Haviland discusses their actual savings compared to the projected savings.

Clink Corby on the Four Day School Week

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Haviland, USD 474 implemented a modified 4-Day School week in the 2009-2010 school year. Clint Corby, Superintendent of Haviland School District, shares his insights with Deb Haneke, from ESSDACK about the successes and challenges of moving to this schedule.

Planning Resources from Haviland USD 474

Haviland USD 254 implemented a modified 4-Day Week schedule in the 09-10 school year. This followed planning and exploration from November 2008 through March 2009. Clint Corby, Superintendent shared these planning resources he used with his districts. They include:

--Questionnaires they used to gather data when visiting other schools.
--School calendars
--Proposed language for negotiations
--Sample notice for Babysitting Classes for students

Summary of Kansas Superintendent Responses to Survey conducted by jim Porter

Attached are the survey results that Jim Porter from Fredonia conducted across the State of Kansas.  You'll note that he eliminated the district names from the responses he compiled.

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