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More and more schools are finding an increasing number of students who reside within their district but who are selecting virtual education opportunities rather than attending the brick and mortar school in their town. Until recently, districts were faced with one of two choices. Either than could just throw their hands up in despair and exclaim there is nothing they can do about it, or they could throw their hat in the ring and set up their own virtual school. However, with the current economy, establishes new programs and taking on the expenses associated with them is not viable.

Fifteenth Annual Showcase Conference for Graduate Programs

This document was references in the Crisis in the Classroom Panel Discussion on Online Instruction.

Panel Discussion: Virtual Instruction

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On Wednesday, April 21th, ESSDACK and Crisis in the Classroom hosted a panel discussion that explored online and virtual learning.

  • Valerie Tindal, Turning Point Learning Center
  • Nancy Barnes, Hutchinson Community College
  • Denise Dickson, Stafford Schools
  • Gary Price, Insight Schools
  • And your host, Deb Haneke, ESSDACK

Resources and Links:

Traditional Schools Aren't Working. Let's Move Learning Online.

Reason magazine is running a story on online learning in its April edition.

New Online High School Offering Minnesota Teens Webcams, Laptops

EdVisions Off-Campus High School is an online AND project based school serving students in grades 7-12 beginning in the fall of 2005. The proven success of project based learning will now be available to students throughout Minnesota.

This article describes the school. Connects Students with Online Classes Statewide, a joint project of kansas' educational service agencies, is part of a larger initiative lead by the Coalition for Career and Technical Courses, and is designed to provide a one-stop shopping experience for Kansans to select online courses in career areas that they might be interested in exploring.

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