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WSU Grad Student seeking a Science Teaching Position

I am eagerly searching for a teaching position in a Middle School or High School setting. While my degree and certification is for 6 – 12 Earth and Space Science, I am prepared to complete the PLT testing for Chemistry or Physics if needed to add these endorsements. My preference would be to teach at a Middle School level but will also consider a High School position. In addition to teaching science, I would welcome the idea to assume some coaching responsibilities.

Spanish, High School Instructor

Due to budget constraints, we can no longer justify a full-time Spanish instructor in a 1A school. However, because our instructor is a solid teacher, we also do not want to have to let her go if we can find creative ways to employ her full-time.

If you would like to offer a Spanish class in your school but cannot afford a full-time instructor, please contact me as we may be able to create a win-win solution by either offering virtual instruction through IDL, the internet, or physical classroom interaction if you are within driving distance of USD 444.

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