Kansas Learns Online

More and more schools are finding an increasing number of students who reside within their district but who are selecting virtual education opportunities rather than attending the brick and mortar school in their town. Until recently, districts were faced with one of two choices. Either than could just throw their hands up in despair and exclaim there is nothing they can do about it, or they could throw their hat in the ring and set up their own virtual school. However, with the current economy, establishes new programs and taking on the expenses associated with them is not viable.

However, a third option is on the horizon. KANSAS LEARNS ONLINE (KLO) will launch in August of 2011. Courses will be delivered via the internet and each course will have a Kansas Certified Teacher supporting student learning. Unlike most virtual solutions, Kansas Learns Online does not seek to attract students away from their local district; Rather the service is designed to operate in collaboration with local districts allowing districts a solution for expanding local offerings as well as increasing local scheduling flexibility. Additionally, the service may be used to meet unmet needs of students who reside in the district but who are not currently seeking educational opportunities in the traditional setting.

Because the courses are delivered via the internet, they can be accessed anywhere, anytime 24-7. Students can take classes outside the walls of the traditional school setting, or a school could choose to make a classroom available with an adult monitor during the school day, which would allow students already enrolled in the local school, flexibility in their class schedule as well as expanded learning opportunities.

Additional information is available from:

South Central Kansas Educational Service Center 620-584-3300
Martha Maxwell--mmaxwell@sckesc.org
Sue Noland--snoland@sckesc.org

Smoky Hill Service Center 785-825-9185
Deb Rochel--drochel@smokyhill.org
Cindy Harlan-charlan@smokyhill.org

Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas 620-663-9566
Terri Peckham--terrip@essdack.org
Deb Haneke--debh@essdack.org