Panel Discussion: Redesign Delivery

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On Friday, March 26th, at 10 am (CST), ESSDACK and Crisis in the Classroom hosted a panel discussion that explored project based learning today.


Chat Archive:

This is the archive of the chat during the video broadcast.




Welcome to the Panel!

Fri, 26 Mar, 09:53Jim Kenworthy :

Has the presentation started? We do not have sound.

Fri, 26 Mar, 09:54Jaime Hendricks :

Do you still have no sound?

Fri, 26 Mar, 09:54Jim Kenworthy :

We have sound now. Thanks!

Fri, 26 Mar, 09:55Jaime Hendricks :

Please let me know if you have any other problems.

Fri, 26 Mar, 09:56Rob Schiltz :

I have nothing but the chat box on my computer.

Fri, 26 Mar, 09:57Jaime Hendricks :

The video portion might be blocked by your firewall

You might try refreshing the page.

The video will be available in a few days to view on the Crisis in the Classroom site.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:12GingerTPLC :

Thanks for sharing this insightful discussion.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:13Jaime Hendricks :

You are welcome.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:15cyndidannerkuhn :

I came in late, who are the people on the panel and where are they from?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:15Jaime Hendricks :

Are there any questions from the field we can address?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:17cyndidannerkuhn :

What district is this?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:17Jaime Hendricks :

Redesign Delivery with panel members Ted Hill-retired principal, Mike Carson-retired Supt, Rose Frye Curriculum director, Steve Oliver Principal. All are from the Erie school district.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:18cyndidannerkuhn :


Fri, 26 Mar, 10:19Jaime Hendricks :

Are there other questions from the field?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:22cyndidannerkuhn :

Do you have a link to the Erie website?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:23Jim Kenworthy :

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:24Jaime Hendricks :

Thank you.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:24John Wyrick :

LEED- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:25Kevin Honeycutt :

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:25cyndidannerkuhn :

How does technology fit into this, are you a 1:1 district?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:25John Wyrick :

Erie-Galesburg USD 101 is working towards Gold certification.

There are four levels of LEED certification.

We have laptops for all students in grades 10-12.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:28Jaime Hendricks :

For those in the field, John Wyrick is the Supt. for the Erie School District.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:28cyndidannerkuhn :

Very cool, !:1, glad to hear that!

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:29TeresaTCA :

Yes, I do appreciate the sharing

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:30John Wyrick :

Technology has allowed our students to reach out to the world to tap into their knowledge base.


Fri, 26 Mar, 10:30TeresaTCA :

Doesn't this school district also do some neat things with cell phones in the classroom? I really want to hear more.

They just answered my question.

With schools that do ban how do you look at changing their point of view?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:33John Wyrick :

Almost 50% of our students have shown an interest in project based learning for the 2010-2011 school year.

It is a learning process and a shift in the way that teachers and students learn. We are evolving and will continue to evolve as we adjust to the needs of our students and community.

Two teachers teaching three classes in a two hour block.

We are looking at teaching 9th grade English, World History, and Computers during a two-hour block with two instructors.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:36Jaime Hendricks :

Thanks for your input John. We are going to make sure your comments are noted in the conversation here.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:39John Wyrick :

There are three components that are necessary for PBL to be successful: (1) space; (2) time; and (3) staff.

Our new high school will allow for all three to come together.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:44DWieland :

As a district begins to look at this model of redesign, what exposure, groundwork, and staff development needs to be initiated to help create a new mental picture?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:44John Wyrick :

Rose- would you like to address this question?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:47Dean Mantz :

Amen! Not the sage on the stage.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:48John Wyrick :

Personalized learning! Forming relationships!

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:50Jaime Hendricks :

You are listening to the architect building the Erie school.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:50John Wyrick :

PBA architects- Wichita, KS.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:50Dean Mantz :

It is SO important that teachers provide the students the opening to think, collaborate, and take ownership. "Ask 3 then me"

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:51kimcaise :

good point dean

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:53PeggyG :

I'm sorry I arrived late so this may have already been discussed. How do they manage scheduling of classes in this environment?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:53sherylnussbaumbeach :

Will this be archived?

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:54Kevin Honeycutt :


Fri, 26 Mar, 10:54sherylnussbaumbeach :

Where will I get the link to the archive?

you do not save $ you save lives..

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:55Dean Mantz :

fantastic point sherylnussbaumbeach

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:55Kevin Honeycutt :

Yes! Sheryl!

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:55Jaime Hendricks :

This conversation will be available in a couple of days on the Crisis in the Classroom site.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:55sherylnussbaumbeach :

@Jamie thanks

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:56Jaime Hendricks :

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:57sherylnussbaumbeach :

If we can access content any place/ any time then he is spot on-- you do not need content experts as much as you need teachers who care about kids.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:58Jaime Hendricks :

Very good point SHeryl.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:58sherylnussbaumbeach :

However, you do need teachers who are curriculum designers--who own their curriculum to be designing PBL.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:59 GingerTPLC :

@Sheryl-- it certainly makes a difference in quality when teachers have buy-in and freedom to produce. Just as important when we give students buy-in and freedom to produce.

Fri, 26 Mar, 10:59Dean Mantz :

Higher Order Thinking, Engagement, Authentic Learning and collaboration are key components to success

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:00Kevin Honeycutt :

Right, buy in is everything

For teachers and kids...and parents

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:00Dean Mantz :

Ahh, so glad to see you contributing to this chat @GingerTPLC

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:00John Wyrick :

I like to look at PBL from the point of education and not from a monetary side. Are we reaching out to kids who might be lost in the traditional classroom. Can we offer a curriculum that enables children to be successful and prepares them for life after high school? PBL is not for all kids; however, it is perfect for a certain percentage of our student population.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:00sherylnussbaumbeach :

But how could you not have buy-in from students if it is passion driven. Sign me up to learn like this.

If only we would make teacher PD passion driven

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:01Kevin Honeycutt :

Yes!! Spot on

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:01sherylnussbaumbeach :

guitar... did I hear guitar.. smile

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:01Dean Mantz :

Very true @Sheryl real world issues that impact those students on a daily basis.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:01 GingerTPLC :

Yeah, Dean. Sorry. Was getting 6/7/8 grade kids started into debate on HealthCare reform. They asked for it, so I set it up with them. Kinda what we're talking about here, right?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:02Dean Mantz :

absolutely Ginger

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:02Kevin Honeycutt :

Ginger: right

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:03sherylnussbaumbeach :

Have you seen the Ron Clark Academy video where the kids are talking about the election-- their voice is so well developed-- critical thinking skills so strong-- if we would just realize the potential in these kids to light up when we turn the learning to things they are interested in and embed any core curriculum into that vein.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:03Dean Mantz :

How does their Responsible User Policy (AUP) reflect their change in instruction? Does it truly encourage exploration and use of various tools for students, teachers, and admin?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:03 GingerTPLC :

I disagree. PBL is good for all kids if they can get over the institutional damage that we've inflicted in early years.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:04sherylnussbaumbeach :

@Ginger high five

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:04 GingerTPLC :

We have to have the entire school community on board, including, MOSTLY, parents.

btw--some of my parents are watching this now. Hi Sheri!

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:04Dean Mantz :

@sherylnussbaumbeach do you have the URL for the video?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:04sherylnussbaumbeach :

Hi to Ginger's parents.

@Dean let me find it-- sec

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:05Dean Mantz :

Thanks @Sheryl

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:05sherylnussbaumbeach :

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:05Kevin Honeycutt :

Customized learning for all kids

I can subscribe to that

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:05Jaime Hendricks :

Thanks for sharing the link.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:05sherylnussbaumbeach :

Passion-based learning is for all kids. This is how we all learn when we are not in school.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:06Kevin Honeycutt :

I see that at TPLC and TCA too

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:07sherylnussbaumbeach :

We have to stop of thinking of curriculum as something we do in a sequence on a certain day at a certain time.. and start thinking of curriculum as learning what we need to know--when we need to know it.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:08Dean Mantz :

That hits the nail on the head @sheryl

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:08 GingerTPLC :

@Sheryl--finding a balance between learning in current and past context.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:08sherylnussbaumbeach :

It is also centered around teachers as learners and their willingness to be transparent in that.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:08GingerTPLC :

(not sure that came out right)

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:09sherylnussbaumbeach :

students and teachers as co-learners in the classroom -- classrooms as communities of learners.

@Ginger not sure what you mean.

So I came in late-- there is a PBL Learning Center?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:11Kevin Honeycutt :

Erie Charter School

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:11sherylnussbaumbeach :

I heard dream team.. in Georgia I use to help lead a summer school program we called Dream School.. it was all PBL

ahh.. link?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:11Jaime Hendricks :

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:12sherylnussbaumbeach :

@Jamie thanks

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:12Jaime Hendricks :

Glad to help 

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:13Dean Mantz :

Still curious about their RUP/AUP approach to encourage use of collaboration and various forms of technology

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:13John Wyrick :

KSDE has been very helpful!

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:14Jaime Hendricks :

Could you clarify as to what the RUP/AUP approach is?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:15sherylnussbaumbeach :

How much of the project work that students create is shared online? How transparent is the learning taking place? Are these kids intently developing digital footprints and is anyone teaching them to manage those footprints?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:15Dean Mantz :

I did earlier @Jaime within my question. RUP = Resposbile Use Policy (AUP = Acceptable Use Policy)

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:15sherylnussbaumbeach :

That is a familiar line.. 

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:15Jaime Hendricks :

@Dean thank you

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:16Dean Mantz :

That is what I am trying to find out too @Sheryl by encouragement of digital foot print via RUP.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:17sherylnussbaumbeach :

So-- maybe what we are asking is-- how are they using social networking tools and emerging technologies in their development of curriculum and have they revised policies to allow for use of those tools?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:18Dean Mantz :

Thank you @Sheryl. That is my question but I am not great with wording it.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:18sherylnussbaumbeach :

@Dean you are fine.. but that way it is less techie..

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:19Dean Mantz :

good point

That is my other hat I wear

So @Jaime please see if Mike will ask the question @Sheryl re-worded for me.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:20Jaime Hendricks :

We are waiting for a place to interject.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:20sherylnussbaumbeach :

How much of the project work that students create is shared online? How transparent is the learning taking place? Are these kids intently developing digital footprints and is anyone teaching them to manage those footprints?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:20Dean Mantz :


Fri, 26 Mar, 11:21sherylnussbaumbeach :


Fri, 26 Mar, 11:21Dean Mantz :

Is there technology friendly AUP available online?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:21sherylnussbaumbeach :

share please

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:21Dean Mantz :

yes, please.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:22sherylnussbaumbeach :

@Ginger yeah--I was thinking emergent at best.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:22 GingerTPLC :

It's not the AUP...

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:22Dean Mantz :

absolutely @Ginger. I am researching resources from David Warlick, Bud Hunt, ISTE right now to improve ours.

@sheryl do you know of any good RUP examples?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:23sherylnussbaumbeach :

ok this was awesome.. Thanks so much for letting me attend. I will check out the archive for what I missed. And @Ginger I would love to see it as well.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:23 GingerTPLC :

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:24sherylnussbaumbeach :

@Dean yes, and better than that-- we have a PLP team working on that as their action research project-- PLP is PBL for teachers as a PD style.. let me get you a contact for that work-- sec

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:24Dean Mantz :

I am very grateful @Sheryl

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:24Kevin Honeycutt :

I know their Ning site is a place where they rehearse behaviors and share work

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:24sherylnussbaumbeach :


bye everyone - take care. Enjoyed it.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:25Kevin Honeycutt :

Cya Dean

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:25Dean Mantz :

Hasta Kevin

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:25Jaime Hendricks :

Thanks for joining us today.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:26Dean Mantz :

Appreciate the posting and opportunity to discuss

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:26Jaime Hendricks :

The next Final Friday Meeting is April 21st – On-line/Virtual learning

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:27Dean Mantz :

@Jaime who is on the panel for that discussion?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:27Jaime Hendricks :

We will post that on the CITC site very soon.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:28GingerTPLC :

Jaime, do you know if the chat will be archived as well?

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:29Jaime Hendricks :

Yes, the chat will be archived as well.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:31Kevin Honeycutt :

Nice job panel!

Appreciate your sharing!

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:31GingerTPLC :

I love that this place exists as a model of what's possible!

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:32Jaime Hendricks :

We agree Ginger.

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:32PeggyG :

What an outstanding panel presentation! I'm sharing the links with the Classroom 2.0 PBL group. They will definitely want to view the recording!

Thank you for streaming this!

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:32Jaime Hendricks :

ESSDACK feels this way of delivering and interacting virtually is of upmost importance.